Monday, May 11, 2009

Drumline Abdication

I got an email from the Salt Lake Scots Executive Committee as follows:

"Dear fellow band members,
We want to take this opportunity to let you know what is happening with certain members of the band. We wanted this information to come officially from the Executive committee rather than from a secondary source. Dustin Gunn and Malarie Reddoor have decided to stay rostered with the LA Scots and leave the Salt Lake Scots organization. As quartermaster, Dennis will follow up with them to collect all band uniform parts and equipment. Kathy Gunn has also decided to leave the Salt Lake Scots organization, as she is not able to travel from St. George to be to practices on a consistent basis she felt it was not fair to the band for her to monopolize a band uniform and equipment.
BJ Gunn and Ian Paddy Tate have also made the decision to stay rostered with the LA Scots; this decision was made as they may possibly have an opportunity to play with the LA Scots grade I. However they are very interested in maintaining their association and non-competitive membership with the Salt Lake Scots organization. On Wednesday BJ and Paddy attended the grade III practice and informed us of their intentions. The grade III drummers and pipers were able to express their thoughts and feeling regarding this matter, and despite disappointment we determined that we would very much like to have BJ and Paddy continue their association with us and remain part of the Salt Lake Scots organization. BJ and Paddy will still participate with the Salt Lake Scots in performances etc. BJ will also continue as an instructor at The Celtic Center.
With the loss of so many drummers from our competition roster the band cannot continue operating as presently organized. After discussing various ideas and options we decided to contact WUSPBA with a few questions before making any official decisions. Jason spoke with Bob Mason, WUSPBA music committee chairman. Bob suggested that for the 2009 competition season we roster everyone as the Salt Lake Scots grade IV; for the 2010 competition season, if we choose and circumstances allow, the band would still be able to register a grade III competition group.
So for the 2009 competition season, all band members will be rostered together as the Salt Lake Scots grade IV with Jason Killpack pipe major and William Gunn drum instructor. For the Thanksgiving Point games, we will be competing in the grade IV QMM and timed medley. Band practices will be held on Wednesday nights (7-9pm) beginning May 20th; however practice will still be held on Tuesday May 12th.
While the timing and outcome of the situation is not one that we would have chosen, we can choose how we react to it. Let’s view this situation as an opportunity to come together and strengthen every aspect of the organization. We will weather this storm; this is only one of many set-backs the band has experienced over the last 47 years.
If you have any suggestions, comments, concerns or questions regarding this or any other matter, please feel free to contact Jason. Thank you for your participation and dedication to the Salt Lake Scots!
Jason Killpack and the Salt Lake Scots Executive Committee"

(punctuation corrected)

Once again everybody will be practicing together. Nobody likes change, and I'm guessing there will be a lot of whining from the Grade III about this, but their other choice is to not compete at all this season. We will now have to practice Making The Best of a Bad Situation, and realize how much we need drummers, how hard they are to get, and how easy they are to lose. I'm grateful for Erin, Jim, Matt, Tiegan, and the rest who are sticking around. Hopefully, Dave's wife Mindy will join us soon.

For all that the bagpipes are such a novel instrument, it seems now that pipers are a dime a dozen, and it's drummers who are sought after. Whoda thunk it?

For my part of MTBOABS, I'm hoping I will be challenged to keep up with the Grade III players and thus improve my skills.

I'm hoping that the Grade III pipers don't Take It Out On Grade IV. It's entirely Not Our Fault. We've been feeding them drummers for a long time, and here they go letting them escape! Whose fault is that? Now I ask you!

Also, it's funny that suddenly I went from having "a few" buddy passes to none at all. Hmmm. I guess my brother and his family used up all the rest to go to San Diego last month. Dirty rotten ratchefratch.

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