Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Marching, Marching . . .

Last night's band practice was our first of the year outside. Usually we don't start practicing outside until we have to: when the school closes for the summer. But it was just perfect for piping yesterday: just cool enough so that once you got piping, you still weren't sweating, and just warm enough that your fingers didn't freeze.

Aaron, with his usual shennanigans and despite being "burned out" (a half hour in the Las Vegas sunshine on Sunday with no sunscreen, gave him a very red belly!), marched us into and out of our competition circle (elipse?) over and over until we could pipe (or drum) and march and form an "O" all at the same time.

We didn't take a break. Aaron seems to forget breaks. But nobody seemed to mind, we were all laughing so hard at . . . everything: some guy trying to sell a motorcycle to a lady with a kid in the parking lot, some kids driving by with their feet out the window yelling "Go Team!", marching errors, piping errors, drumming errors, water and gatorade bottles lined up like yellow construction cones but actually acting more like obstacles, likewise successes of any kind.

Everybody was happy for that hour and a half.

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