Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Practice Report

Wednesday: check (band practice)

Thursday: check (lesson)

Friday: check

Saturday: check

Sunday: check

Monday: check

Tuesday: . . . . . . . . .

I ruined my nearly perfect record by not practicing yesterday, but in my defense I must state that on Tuesdays I get up at 0200 and don't get back to bed until 2200 and every hour is filled with Stuff I Gotta Do. Twenty hours with a sleep disorder. Playing with matches, that is.

It is also Tag Time for my little car, Salazar Verde. I was proactive and replaced the windshield and had the parking brake fixed before I even approached the testing center. Then, last week I took it in for it's emission and safety testing, and. . . . it FAILED! It required new rear brakes and new front tires. Over the weekend, Handsome Husband took each back wheel off and replaced the drum brakes, which was no mean feat, there being many springs involved-- each pulling a different direction-- that had to be held in place simultaneously while the brake shoes were reinstalled. It required several more hands than 2 people together or the space around the wheel could furnish. But he got it done. (With the help of his lovely assistant . . . ) And, they work, too, which is even better, as it means he doesn't have to do it again. For a while.

I'm going to go get the tires Wednesday, today, instead of sleeping.


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