Thursday, March 19, 2009

Concert Report

Saturday 15 March 2009
Highland High School
7:30 pm

Grade: A

We showed up at the high school at 4:30, and we pretty much practiced 75% of the three hours between then and the start of the concert.

I didn't play with the Grade 3's this time. I wasn't there for volunteering, and haven't had a lot of time to learn the tunes they played. All the all-band and Grade 4 tunes I knew perfectly.

I was not afraid. A little queasy at the outset, but that quickly passed.

Jason gave us the 3 F's over and over, the same ones he always gives us:

have Fun
watch my Foot

I guess we did that, because at the end of a 2 hour performance, he said there were no mistakes, good job everybody.

I think he was being generic, because I kept feeling myself squeak (I can't really hear the squeaks due to the other 'leventy-six pipers playing in my ears, but I can feel in my fingers when the air doesn't go through the holes right, and I kept feeling it). I tried it again alone when I got home the other day, and sure 'nuff, I squoke like crazy. I tried repositioning my fingers and thumb, and I think I've figured out a way to put my thumb that I won't squeak. Have to try again today. Very frustrating to have all the notes and timing right but have that terrible sqeaking everytime I hit low A.

Well anyway, that's done. Onward to Memorial Day. I gotta get that squeak fixed by then, cuz I'll be playing solo mostly.


In other news, I'm hoping to be heading out tonight to North Carolina to visit Tartaniac for the weekend. The flight to NYC, however, looks very crowded, so it may get cut short. I'll keep you posted.

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