Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I have been reminded by a friend's blog that I have not set my New Year's Resolution for 2009 yet. I'm a week late, but I wanted to make sure I set a goal I could actually achieve. I wanted it to be measurable and trackable, too.

So, after a week's deliberation, here's my goal: I will practice 4 times per week as follows:
1) band practice on Tuesday nights.
2) group lesson on Thursday nights.
3) on Friday morning just after the kids get off to school.
4) on Saturday morning after swimming lessons.

I'm a sloppy piper and really need to work on certain grace-note-combos, including doublings . . . I have been practicing about . . . oh, 2 times a week (#1 and #2) and holding my own at band practice, so I'm hoping that with double the practice time, my playing with increase in quality. I think I got 2 awards this last year, 4th and 5th or something. The whims of the judges has something to do with these placings, of course, but I'm hoping to get a few (more) (higher) awards this year keeping to this practice schedule.

We'll see.

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