Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I Accept All Comments, Sincere or Otherwise.

The United States of America has a new president, the first African-American president in it's history. It's pretty amazing.

Band practice was last night. Pete handled the first hour. We tuned up a little and ran through the Mill Set and Donald McLean. We had Karen and Dan with us last night, for their first time, and they only had McCallum chanters, which ruined our beautiful tones (LOL). They were asked to play PC's and were promised Gale chanters on Thursday. Still no jewel tones.

Sean showed up at 8pm and we went into tuning in detail. Poor Lee, who had taken his pipes to England and Scotland, must have gotten an fantome in the chanter, because nothing Sean did made Lee's pipes sound acceptable. After we had gotten "mostly" in tune, we went through Green Hills/Battle's O'er and Minstrel Boy/Wearin' O' the Green and somethingelseIforgetwhat. We were given tune lists for the concert (which I left in my pocket and put into the laundry), but it was mostly sets I know (except for Donald McLean, which needs some work; so much that I didn't even play it last night).

Afterwards I approached Sean to advise him that I wouldn't be at band practice between the 2nd and the 12th of February (I was able to NOT tell him the reason and he didn't ask). He said I should be OK, I was playing very well.
"I'm gonna write that down!" I said.
"Oh, you are playing as well as some of the Grade III's. . . except you let your nerves get the best of you," replied Sean.

I then started talking too much, so I won't go into the rest, but . . . hey! As good as a Grade III!! Cool. If I can just get my confidence up . . . It's getting better, but not perfect. Those stupid butterflies that live in my stomach!

I got a new digital camera on Monday, so hopefully more pics will be in this blog. Hopefully.

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