Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Band Practice 1/27/09

This was a fun practice (even though we worked hard) for several reasons:

First, Mindy showed up. I've missed Mindy. (Dave's wife) She isn't a categorizable (if that's a word) person. Somebody you don't want to miss meeting in your life.

Second, Dave gave me a cheat sheet of the concert tunes with tiny little first measures on it, actual notes, not cantereachd! AND. It was laminated. This is the coolest thing. I love tiny things.

Third, everybody was nice to Dan and Karen, new recruits, and included them in the jokes and conversation.

SOAP BOX: Fellowshipping has greatly improved since I was a new recruit, but it will really help people to keep coming back to practices if we make friends with them one-on-one, not ignore them (as I was back in the day), and if we do all the other things such as we did last night. Sometimes I think it was only pig-headedness and stupidity that kept me coming back. I was GOING to learn to pipe, come what may . . .

Fourth, Matt our bass-drummer-for-the-year, also showed up. Turns out he and Sean attended the same college and were in the same degree program, so they talked physics during the break, extending said break longer than normal.

Fifth, and most important, I did good. I played well, getting 99% of the notes right, most of the timing right. Yay!

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