Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sandy Nelson: In Memorium

My dear friend Sandy died yesterday after a two-time battle with uterine cancer.

I had confessed to her just at the start of the second battle, that I had abandoned a friend when I learned she had cancer, and that I didn't know what ever happened to her. I promised Sandy that I would not abandon her. I did not.

I was always there, hovering in the background. I didn't always go visit her. But I took them banana bread, gave her a hug every Sunday, and got my Scouts to weed her yard. Nothing like I did for Wanda, but Sandy had family around her all the time where Wanda was alone. I felt compelled to go see her last Saturday. We talked for a few minutes while I held her hand. We both confessed to being scared of what was going to happen. I hugged her twice and we cried. Tuesday when I took dinner over to her (a dinner Daughter #1 and #2 had made), she could no longer talk and was throwing up all the time, so didn't want to see anybody for fear she would throw up on them.

Wednesday at 1400 she got promoted.

Her funeral is Saturday at 1100.

I first met Sandy about 8 years ago. She started as a reservations agent at Southwest Airlines shortly before I did, but quit after only a few months because her family was falling apart in her absence. She was a Young Women leader for several of my girls. Her youngest daughter and Daughter #2 were friends, and Daughter #2 even dated her youngest son, Chase, once or twice. She was a steadfast, honest, friendly woman and I will miss her. I hope she is waiting for me when I get promoted.

I still can't believe she is gone.

It's gonna be bad, when it hits me.

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