Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Another 20-hour day

Band practice last night. After getting up for work at 0200, doing my 10 hours (and getting a compliment for being so diligent at working the schedule change queue), making dinner for Sandy's family and our family, Parent-Teacher conferences, Scouts for an hour, dinner, cleanup, band, and a story, I was pretty well done in. However, I was not in a fog at practice, so I carried on to the end. I kept moving to stay awake.

Sean said they had no problem getting home. They called the night before and learned that getting to LAS would be a problem, so they changed to the 0700 flight and came home then. Sean said he had a whole row to himself. Nice. I said, "Yay! Now it feels like I'm helping the band!" and he said, "Nonsense! You always help out the band!" So that was nice.

Lee, Drew and Erin were going to do a trio competition at the Dave Barclay competition in November, but Lee said Drew was flaking out on practices and didn't know if he would show or not. He asked me if I would be a second, a pinch-piper as it were. So we ran over their tunes after band, when I had no lip left. They are doing the Battle set plus Brogues, with a weird break. I've been working on the break today, but it's not that easy. I emailed Lee to see if he would clarify. We'll see if he answers.

I took 3 hours of vacation this morning and slept in til 0630. I feel much more rested with 7 hours of sleep as opposed to 4.

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