Saturday, October 18, 2008

My home-made chicken soup is known in the family as Two Swipes With A Dead Chicken, because that's basically how it is made: drag a dead chicken through hot water twice and you're done.
When Daughter #2 makes chicken soup, it's a meal unto itself. She made chicken soup last night, and it was dinner, not an appetizer: hunks of chicken, carrots, potatoes, celery, chicken broth, gigantic noodles. She took some over to our neighbor who just got out of the hospital. Tomorrow I'm sure they'll be back on their feet, ready to conquer the world.

I'm practicing Cullen Bay on PC trying to get it memorized. It's pretty easy, it's just that I'm pretty busy and time is like gold.

The other thing: I found this Anatomy of a bagpipe in an article about piping in Nauvoo. I thought it would be informative for all you non-pipers out there:
My McCallum drones are made of African Blackwood, an extremely hard wood that comes from . . . you guessed it: Africa. You can make them play a little higher or lower by extending or shortening them at the joints in the middle. My Canmore bag is made of Kevlar or some similar fabric, which is puke green, but which I don't have to season like a hide bag. I have a Gale chanter which plays a note below the run-of-the-mill chanters out there and sounds beautiful. There are four reeds: one single EZ-Drone reed in the bottom of each of the drones, and a double Ross reed in the top of the chanter to play the melody. The cords are flashy, yes, but they also keep the drones together and keep them from falling off your shoulder. On Angus, you can't bend the chanter up like this picture because of the moisture control system hoses inside; it has to bend down. You can swap out the cover on the bag whenever you want, to whatever you want. Bands usually have everybody the same. The Salt Lake Scots cover is red with gold fringe. I've seen covers that look like leopards, sheep, pajamas . . . Sande wants to make one that looks like a dragon! That would be cool!

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