Thursday, October 9, 2008

It's interesting to look back on blog entries and see how far I've come, instead of dwelling on my near-total failure of one day (yesterday).

Last year I was struggling with lots of tunes that I have now mastered. I was struggling with cut-offs and strike-ins, which I can almost always get now. I've improved my overall playing ability, especially slow aires (after Memorial Day gigs). I've learned another 6/8 march named after a guy which goes on and on, but it's a fun tune. I've got 3 more competitions under my belt and I'm nearly not nervous at all. The List has been handled. The New Uniforms have been received and look very nice. The new chanters are definitely better as far as solo performances go, and even band performances, but massed bands requires us to put in old chanters and retune drones down a half a step, which does not make our PM's happy. I can tune my drones myself, mostly. At least close.

Yesterday I forgot about Small Son's Cub Scouts. I could hardly keep conscious after work. Pretty much a wasted day.

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