Thursday, May 1, 2008

Practice was better than last week. I did good. My strike-ins were better, faster. Missed one cut-off, though. Sean asked for suggestions about other things we could do to work on our weak points. Some ideas were to once a month have a mini-recital, or to have one person play a solo every week, to help with nerves. Marching into the circle a lot was also suggested, but that will have to wait until the weather improves. Dave gets to do tuning for the next month so he can learn it. I requested we all get a turn, so we can all learn how to do it. Pete, who has been with the Grade IV the longest, said he has never heard us play so well. It's nice to make people happy. But I still have to practice. Yesterday I only got in PC time. Still have to work on the massed bands tunes. Sean said he would be at practice early next week, at 1800h, if anybody wanted to jam, or work on something specific, or whatever. I asked if he would listen to my 2/4 march since I learned it from the sheet music. He said bring the music and he would.

I try not to be annoying to the PM's, but I get the impression that I just am. Annoying.

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