Wednesday, May 7, 2008

It was a race to get to the gravesite before the hearse and in the end I lost, but I kept the hearse in my sights the whole time. And I was in time anyway, cuz they dinked around with the microphone and waited for other pall bearers and that gave me time to get parked and into position.

The City Cemetery is very old, and criss-crossed with streets, and it turned out the gravesite was only 10 yards away from the road. I got through the first, shortest tune (Farewell to Camraw) and they were there already. There were only 8 mourners. When the funeral was over, I played Amazing Grace, Highland Cathedral, and Bells of Dunblane while people were collecting and leaving. I did good. Even the chief mourner and the Bishop thanked me.

In other news, while we were going over (and over and over) the Medley last night, somebody brought up the option of harmony for the slow air, Summertime Summertime. Sean said if anybody wanted to play harmony they should ask him first. So I asked him and he said I could. Yay!!!

After playing pretty much all day yesterday, my lip is swollen and sore. I always say I'm going to ice it and I never do. I really should.

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