Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I am deeply disappointed. I practiced and practiced (for me) and brought my pipes to Small Son's lesson, ready to play my competition tunes and get Criticized, and Sean was not there. Erin-Drum-Seargant-Behind-The-Desk said he had to work and wasn't even going to be at band practice. A likely story. He showed up at band practice. At 8:30. Humph. We went home at 8:40.

Well, I'll just do it without his--or anybody's--help, so there! I'll lose again, but so what else is new. Never got an award in my life, why should I start now? This is only to get my butterflies under control.

At least I practiced.

I also moved the furniture around in the living room, including the PIANO. It was brought painfully home to me why they never have pianos in marching bands: TOO HEAVY! My arms, shoulders and stomach ache today, but the result is satisfying. It has changed the walk-through pattern on the carpet, hopefully making the carpet last longer. It needs all the help it can get.

Small Son has decided his language will be Ancient Greek. He got a book on learning ancient Greek, and he's only on page one and he says it's boring. He doesn't want to learn Modern Greek because it will just confuse him. We compared the alphabets, and they are almost the same, except for M and N which have a different name, and the character for the S sound, whatever it's called. The thing about learning a dead language is that you usually don't learn conversational stuff first; they give you pronounciation and grammar and rules, rules, rules. Then (in this book, at least) you start learning about pirates who have the affrontry to lead hippopotamuses around. As if they had nothing better to do. HEY! Pirates are supposed to do piratey things! Not pander to giant, wet mammals and take them for walks. Well, we'll see what happens.

In the meantime, Kalimera! (I tried to get this program to write it in the Greek alphabet, but haven't been successful yet. Maybe later

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