Friday, May 23, 2008

Last night was lesson night. (I know you are keeping track, but I'll tell you anyway.) I went to my lesson straight from the movie Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. While we were doing our (extensive) tuning up, I played my slow air so the drone "notes" would be accurate (the note changes from when you are just playing drones to when you kick in the chanter) and Jason said "Very nice" about my slow air when I finished. He then asked me if I was doing any solos this weekend. When I said I was, he said, "Good!"

Perhaps I am reading too much into it, but you work so hard to be good, that you grab any cues that you are at least "fair" when you hear them. I accept any and all compliments. I'm accepting both of these. When I finally found my music folder and made a list of appropriate tunes, I have 12:

Killiekrankie (slow march)
Cearcil a' Chuain
Bells of Dunblane
Highland Cathedral (I think this is a slow march, too)
Farewell to Camraw
Flowers of the Forest
Dream Angus
Bruce's Address (slow march)
Loch Rannoch
Amazing Grace
Danny Boy
Summertime, Summertime

I've got my cheat sheet made up, and I hope to find time to run through them a few times before the weekend. If each one is 3 minutes long, that's 36 minutes. I can play through 4, stop and move somewhere else, play 4 more, move again, play the last 4 and I'll be done. The moving will take time, too. That should give me the half hour they require. A good thing these are at a cemetery I'm familiar with, the one at which Wanda is buried. I can go play Danny Boy for her, too. It was her favorite, as she had a son named Danny who died pretty young. She only had 2 kids, both boys. John is still alive, living out by Highland High School someplace, with his wife Kathy.

I think I'm going to try not taking a nap in the afternoon, and then going to bed at 2030. That'll give me 6.5 hours of uninterrupted sleep, as opposed to 1 hr of nap plus 5.5 hours of sleep. Small Son will have to learn to either go to bed earlier or read to himself. We'll see what develops.

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