Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Yellowstone Results Are In!

Remember those lucky pennies Cuin let me hold during my march competition?

Well, listen to this:

For my slow aire, I got comments of

"Nice fingering technique, Blowing unsteady, Chanter not 100% with drones", and "consider a smaller bag to help w/blowing", and 3rd place!

Never got higher than 4th before.

For my (much harder) march, the judge put:

"Pipes: nice.

Pt 1: D-throw & D-strikes need more clarity and more low G!
Nice tuorluoath.
Pt 2: Run a little sticky (D-E-F-High A). Nice ending phrase
Pt 3: Watch G-G note between E & F
Pt 4: Nice.

Slow down tempo to achieve more clarity in doublings. Well played and very musical."



A) the lucky pennies worked,
B) I'm better than I thought I was, or
C) The other competitors were just starting out piping and were really not good.

Or D) All of the above.

You decide.

For myself, I'm hoping B is true.

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Granpiper said...

I vote for "B". Congratulations.