Thursday, July 23, 2009

Band Plans for the Future

There's nothing like working hard outside in 101F heat.

Nevertheless, it was a wonderful practice.

Tuning went fairly quickly and easily, everyone pre-tuning themselves so they were close to start off with.

Pete brought the DVDs of the March concert and distributed them to those who were willing to pay. I got one to send to Nancy in Burnsville to represent us at the Folks In The Boat gathering this weekend.

We ran through both sets a couple of times, especially working on the reel, Brown-Haired Maid, in the timed medley.

After about 90 minutes when he was sure we had really worked and were drenched in sweat, Jason had us put pipes and drums away and he went over the score sheets from the Payson games. He was pleased with how we had done, over all.

Then he said he was glad we had combined the Grades III and IV, that it was a good move, and that he wanted to keep this group together. He said he was planning to play us as a Grade IV again next year, but that if we kept placing first, WUSPBA would probably put pressure on us to compete as a Grade III band. He said the Seaside/Ventura games would be our test, as a lot of VERY good Grade IV bands compete there. If we do well there, we really ARE good.

It feels very good to be part of a good band/team.

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