Friday, July 10, 2009


It's bad when you give a stray dog a name. Very bad. But she has become 'Shiloh' and she follows Small Son around and sleeps on his bed. Even when he is not home, she sleeps on his bed.

Yesterday as we were getting ready to go on this camping trip, Shiloh escaped out the garage door and went galavanting around the neighborhood. SS tried everything to get her to come back, but she would not come when called. I'm sure we are using the wrong name. I didn't have time to go chasing her all over, so I headed for the car. Poor boy, he was in tears that she had left, even though he KNEW she would be going to the Humane Society eventually.

A few minutes later, she trotted back into the yard and into the still open door. "If nobody claims her, can we have her back?" he wanted to know. I explained that we can only have 2 dogs and 2 cats, and Shiloh would put us over that limit.

All of our animals have been strays. (Well, not the fish. It's kinda hard to be a stray fish and survive very long on the streets. Something about 'the air we breathe', and 'the bottom of the food chain'.) That's why my neighbor called me about this dog in the first place: I'm known to be a soft touch when it comes to strays.

SS was ecstatic when she came back.

This is not going to be fun when I take her to the Pound.*

*I should note that we have made every effort to find her rightful owner. All she has is a rabies tag, and the vet has been contacted (numerous times) but said that on the day she got her tag, several other dogs got their rabies shots, too, and somebody messed up entering the info into the computer later in the day, so the phone number they have is incorrect. After almost a week of "research", they said: take her to the Pound, the owner will likely look for her there.

The Moral of This Story: Make sure your pets have ID tags AND are microchipped, if you ever want to see them again.

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