Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Post Surgery Band Practice

Last week's band practice mostly was practice chanters, so nothing too strenuous. It was also only an hour long, which also helped. It seems Jack just had back surgery so he was gimping around, too, and did not pick up his pipes at all. We were going to sign each other's casts, but I didn't have one and he didn't either, so that was a flop.

This week we were on pipes about 90 minutes. Aaron was in charge, and he put us through our paces more than he has in the past. I guess being a teacher has made him push people more than he used to. Both Jack and I were back on pipes, but at about 8:30 the space which used to be occupied by my gall bladder began to ache with the repeated bonkings by my diaphragm, so I plead post-op and sat out the remainder. I'm still working on getting that squeak on the low A out of my repertoire, but it keeps happening.

I am back to my perpetual tired state, retreating from the world into sleep or, barring that, books, whenever possible. The week after surgery it was so nice to be able to not go anywhere, to sleep whenever I felt a little tired, in between watching Audrey Hepburn movies. I wish . . .

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