Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I put the new drone reeds in yesterday, and tried to get them to tune to the chanter, but no matter how I extended the drones, or moved the little rubber band on the reed or turned the little allen wrench, they remained stubbornly waaaaaaaaay sharp. AND. Or maybe I should say BUT . . . I got all three drones to sound, but as soon as I started in on the chanter, both tenor drones cut out. That's OK, because they were not in tune, and the middle one was double-toning, which is to say, going oo-ee-oo-ee-oo-ee, instead of it's one note. Grrrrrrr.

I really need help with this, and possibly drone reed extenders, since this chanter plays a lower-than-normal note, and the longer the drone, the lower the note, but mine just won't go long enough. I really don't want to take time out from band practice tonight for Sean to help, but I even more don't want to take the whole set into the Celtic Center and ask Dennis to help me. I know Dennis does NOT want to help me and will belittle me as much as possible while doing it.

So my plan is to see if Erin will bring some drone reed extenders to band practice tonight, or if I can come by the Center after work and pick them up.

While raking leaves this Saturday, the rake handle broke, and the top of the handle smashed into my right ear. It is sore and swollen now. This is just great. I have a cauliflower ear and a broken nose (from long ago). I also have a big wide belt with a fancy buckle. All I need now is a wrestling title to defend.

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