Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I just heard a news report that people are stealing memories from blogs. So all you hundreds of people out there who are reading these entries and thinking of stealing them, THINK AGAIN! and decide not to. They are not worth it.

Last night at band practice I was intense. I decided not to sleep after work so I wouldn't be fuzzy at band practice. So I was awake, but tired. And I was intense. Sean told us to warm up, so I played through both my slow aire and my march, then the 3 tunes in the set I may be playing for the trio if Drew flakes. Then Lee showed up, and I went through the set again. Then we did 45 minutes of tuning and played through both competition sets. We played pretty much the whole 2 hours, except during tuning (of other people), so my lip is sore today.

I am still (or again) having trouble with my cut offs! Crivens! This is an OLD, TIRED problem that I should have had solved YEARS ago! I swear, though, that sometimes ol' Angus will cut off beautifully with a nearly full bag, and other times he will keep whining with a nearly empty bag. Nobody believes that story, though. They all say it's "operator error".


Guess I'll have to go in there and adjust my drone valves.

Competition on Saturday.

It snowed yesterday. It was not magical, Christmas season snow; it was the cold, wet gray snow of late January and February when you are sick to death of snow. How can this be? Magical snow always comes first! Waaaaaaaaahhhh!

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