Wednesday, November 19, 2008

BIG NEWS: After Grade IV's first and second place wins at the last competition (and glowing comments), and our 2nd place win at Payson, and as of the first of the year, "they" are moving the whole Grade IV up to Grade III ! Me, too! Aaaaaaaaghhhhhh!!

I'd always debated if offered a "promotion" to Grade III, whether or not I would take it. The people in Grade IV are the best in the band. I can't necessarily say the same for all the Grade III. Lots of them, yes, but not all. If I moved up to Grade III, I'd be leaving the best of the Salt Lake Scots behind. By moving everybody up at the same time, "they" have effectively done away with my dillema.

This will not be official until 10 December at the next band meeting. But Sean did announce this to us last night.

He brought non-alcoholic champagne for everybody last night while we went over the score sheets from the competition.

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Granpiper said...

I'm have no dilemma about moving up to Grade III. I don't want to do it and won't. I am not in this to get yelled at and belittled. If the Scots effectively do away with the Grade IV band I'll be done with the band and will start getting more involved with the Mt. Timpanogos Pipe Band.