Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I've kinda been in shock since the last entry. It seems like 3 weeks since The Breakup, but I guess it is only 2. I haven't really been practicing, just running around like a chicken with it's head cut off. I expect to fall over and die momentarily.

We have been given a list of 26 tunes that we are required to know for J.T.Dunnie. Most of them I am OK with, but there are a few that are going to cause me Big Problems and require Mega Practicing. Here's the list:

Donald Maclean
Farewell to Nigg
100 Pipers
Heights of Dargai / Battle of the Somme
Mills Set
Smith’s Set
Minstrel Boy / Wearing of the Green
Amazing Grace / Scotland the Brave
Brouges on the Cobbles
(still have to get the last part)
Salt Lake Scots / JT Dunnie
Green Hills / Battle O’er
Highland Cathedral
Bells of Dunblane / Glasgow Police
Farewell to the Tay
Correhollies / Teribus
Clumsy Lover
(last 2 measures, speed)
Timed Medley
High Road to Linton
(part 2)
Flowers of the Forest

Massed Band tunes including: Barren Rocks of Aden / Bonnie Dundee

So 4 of them are what I really have to work on, now. OK 6, with the 2 new tunes we are learning: Glasgow Police and JT Dunnie, both of which I have almost memorized, but not quite. The killers are going to be High Road and Donald McLean. Ugh!

At practice last night, I figured of all groups of people, the band would be the last people to notice I'd got my hair cut (see previous entry)(if you can). As far as the band goes, your real life doesn't exist, except to get in the way of practice or gigs. However. Pete said it looked nice, right off. Jim made a comment about Rose Bobbing Her Hair. Sande also said it looked nice, did I miss it yet? Sean was late arriving, and before he had even turned around from coming down the auditorium aisle, he mentioned my hair being cut and that it looked nice, he had never seen it down before. I was astonished! Pleasantly surprised! Small Son still hasn't noticed.

It was a practice full of laughter, despite the fact that we went over some tunes that we played really terribly and need to work really hard on, and we discussed recombination of tunes in complicated manners until my head was spinning. And despite the fact that Dave said he won't be able to come to practice until spring because of hockey. That was very sad.

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