Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Chocolate Chicken

Sometimes, despite your best efforts and good intentions, charity faileth.

I have a friend, Sandy, who is dying of uterine cancer, as her mother did before her. She's had 2/3 of her large intestine removed due to cancer and she really can't keep food in her system. The only other person at home is her husband, who is not a cook. So she has asked that we send food over, enough for one person, two times a week, to keep him away from the fast food joints and help him keep his weight down. How hard is that?

Monday it was my turn. I totally forgot, until 6pm. After we had eaten.

Luckily, we had some left over, so I quick hurried home and set up a plate of chicken and peas and cole slaw and chocolate cake with strawberries on top. It all fit into a plastic container with dividers and a lid.

Next problem: no car. Not really a problem, since she lives about 7 blocks away from me. I could walk, but that would delay dinner for him by half an hour more, and it's already 6:30. Biking would be faster. I put the plate in my "glove compartment" (on top of the gloves) and rode over there in about 2 minutes. However, my "glove compartment" is only 4 or 5 inches wide, not wide enough to hold the plate flat. So when I got to their house, all the chicken had slid into the chocolate cake (which was very moist and soft) and mixed thoroughly. He declared that chocolate chicken was his favorite green vegetable, but I bet he washed off the chicken after I left.

At least it was food, and not fast food.

I hope you get points for trying.

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