Saturday, August 30, 2008

Daughter #1 came into my office (in the closet) yesterday morning VERY early and said that Daughter #2 had called off the wedding. Not that she had, but that Jeff had called it off, and 2nd Daughter didn't want me running in there to yell at her. Of course I didn't. This changes many things.

1) No more rush to get bridesmaid dresses done.

2) 1st and 2nd Daughter will be sharing a room for longer than was originally planned.

3) Christmas stocking doesn't need to be finished so quickly.

4) Don't have to try to get the dates off from work.

5) There are a lot of things like wedding gifts and announcements and apartements and relatives' logistics that no longer have to be dealt with.

My poor little girl. She had definitely been crying, and I kept seeing evidence of crying on her face all day. She really loves him, and does not want to lose him. I can't figure this one out: why did he do this? Didn't he already get confirmation? Why did he ask again? It seems like HF said, "I already answered that question. Next question . . . " The funny thing is, 1st Daughter, who usually takes it as a personal insult when her friends fall in love and/or get married, kinda likes Jeff. Anyway, we came home last night and found them snuggled up on the couch and 2nd Daughter was all smiles, but no wedding. I dunno. Guess I'll go practice. (I'm still making the Christmas stocking. I'm still hopeful to have him as a son-in-law.)

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