Thursday, August 14, 2008

It's almost time for the Jackson Games in Wyoming. Catherine is flying out here to go with us. I have her drum already, and she should be arriving at 1600 today. We are all excited to have her. She will finally get to meet Daughter #2 (see left) and we get to compete together at Jackson, doing Lady Lever Park and/or Dugald Gillespie. We have been cleaning all week, to have things nice for her, but I think it would take a year of bulldozing to make this house "Parade of Homes"-ready. [sigh] Things have been cleaned that haven't been cleaned in a LONG time. The house looks lovely. I wish I'd had time to shampoo the carpet, but food for the girls staying home is priority.We are also taking Michelle, another piper from Grade 3, up with us.

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