Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wednesday, 4 February 2009 SS's 10th Birthday

Today dawned earlier than usual for us Utahns who were now watching the sun come up in New York City, two hours earlier than it would normally come up over Salt Lake City.  But we were hyped--especially SS.  We rented a car (blue!) and drove off down Long Island, since we had 7 hours to kill before our flight to Geneve left.  We did a tour of Teddy Roosevelt's house in Oyster Bay, "Sagamore Hill".  We'd all seen in before, but never in the 3" of snow that had fallen while we were flying (this snow thing will be a theme).


We tried to find HH's childhood house, school and chapel from when he lived in Smithtown.  We succeeded in the house part, but the other two ended up being neighborhood tours.  I learned the story of Smithtown:

In 1665, Joshua Smith wanted some land to farm, so he approached the leader of the local Indian tribe and asked.  The Chief told him he could have as much land as he could ride around in one day on a bull.  Unluckily for the Chief, Mr Smith either had a compliant bull or was a good bull rider, cuz he covered a lot of ground, and the result today is known as Smithtown, NY.  

After not finding a few more things, and finding the Hall of Science but it was already closed, we gave up and went back to the airport.
I (get this) dropped them off at the departing terminals, went and returned the rental car, then came back to join them by the airtrain.  I never got lost once!

We spent the late afternoon strolling through the duty-free shops.  We got 4 seats together on the flight, but they were squishy seats and my backpack did not fit under the seat ahead of me, and so had to go in the overhead bin.  My TV didn't work, so after dinner (not too bad) I got to sit in business class where the TVs also didn't work, and slept.

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