Thursday, February 14, 2008

I really hate it when people yell at me.

Especially when it's for something I haven't done, or if I am being unjustly accused.

I am a supervisor for an airline. We have a frequent flyer program where you gets points if you fly, but not if somebody else flies, even if you paid for it. The points add up to free round-trip tickets on our airline. Another thing you have to know for this complaining story is that if you are using a free ticket in combination with a paid ticket, each ticket has to be on it's own reservation.

Well, this lady--no, this woman, nothing lady-like about her--was transferred to me this morning at 0430 mountain time. The reservation agent told me she had neither the credit card number nor the confirmation number for her husband's reservation. The agent was thus unable to give the woman any information about anything on the reservation, and the woman was angry. The credit card was in her husband's possession, and her husband was asleep in the other room and she did not want to wake him up. By the time I got her, she was boiling, had already woken her husband up and got the credit card info and started telling me what a difficult time she always has with this airline. She was angry about having three different reservations for three people. I explained that she and her son had an outbound and return flt on one reservation because they were flying the exact same flights using the same payment method, but that her husband had an extra flight (to Las Vegas) and he was using one free ticket and paying for the other part, so he had to have 2 reservations all to himself, because he was flying different flights and because he was using different payment methods. She could not or would not understand that. She kept ranting about how difficult it was for her all the time with this airline and how much of a b**** I was and what a terrible attitude I had, and why couldn't I fix the reservations . . . and on and on. Then she asked who was my supervisor. I told her Carrie. The woman was incensed! I had not told her all she wanted to know! But I had told her everything she asked me for. Didn't I think, she screamed, that she would want more information than that?! If I would just stop thinking about myself and my *** attitude I could maybe figure it out! I asked what else she wanted to know, as I had given her exactly what she had asked for. Well, she wanted my sup's last name and her phone number and she wanted to talk to her right now. When I told her Carrie was not working right now, she wanted to speak to somebody else. When I told her there was nobody else, she berated me some more and then wanted to know why she couldn't pull these reservations up in her true blue account. When I told her the husband's wouldn't be in her account because she wasn't on the reservation, she screamed again stating she always gets points for when her husband and son fly. I tried to tell that no, she does not, only when she flies as this is a frequent FLYER program, not a frequent BUYER program. That made her madder'n heck. No, she always gets points when they fly. I asked her if she had the special credit card that gives you true blue points when you purchase things, but she did not. She denied everything I told her.

I'm still tense from that call, and it's been 3.5 hours!

I have to FIDO: Forget It (and) Drive On.

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