Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A couple of weeks ago at group lesson, I noticed that Jason was having trouble with the zipper of his pipe case. Part of the fabric had pulled away from the zipper, and sometimes the zipper didn't actually ZIP. I offered to see if I could fix it. So after finding a zipper long enough, and arranging a time, Monday I picked it up from a place called CMI Mouldings, place of employment for Jason. I had scheduled the whole day to do this, as I wasn't sure how long it would take and he needed it back right away. But Handsome Husband had other plans and kept me busy until noon. I stopped only long enough to pick up Daughter #3 (one hour) , and then later to make and eat dinner (30 minutes) and finally I was done at 1930. I had to do lots of hand sewing as the corners I had to sew in were very awkward and a machine just wouldn't do it. I kept finding blood all over my finger tips and I couldn't find out where it was coming from. Couldn't locate Jason that night after it was finished, so took it in to his place of employment Tuesday morning.

There are 2 things I don't like about the new zipper. 1) it is wider than the original, so zipping around the corners sometimes causes the zipper to buckle and bind.

2) it is actually a coat zipper, so instead of starting in the middle and unzipping to the outside, now it starts at one edge or the other and unzips to the other side.

Based on past experience with this person in getting strike-ins and tunes correct, my impression is that he is pretty picky. I advised him about the going-around-corners thing and he said, "Meh." but I forgot to say about the reverseness (if that's a word) of the zipper. Didn't make it to the Celtic Center last night to pick up payment, so I'll give him a couple of days to work with it and see what he thinks. Maybe he will want me to take it out again. I HOPE NOT!!!! On the parts of the bag that I used the sewing machine, it did get stuck a time or two, so I know those stitches are really close together and are going to be HELL to get out, and almost impossible to see, being navy blue thread on black and navy fabric. Plus I don't know where to get a zipper that unzips the other way. Maybe I should start doing research now.

Lee has some white showing on his bag, and wants to be next in line to get his fixed. I'll look at it next week. No zipper involved on that one, just no fabric left to reattach. We shall see.

Jason was impressed by the fact that I had it done so soon.. What???

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