Friday, May 17, 2013

The Power of Prayer

Last Wednesday,  I drove from work to band practice. It was a very windy day, and threatening rain. We were not sure if we were going to practice marching in the parking lot, or go inside.

However, when PM showed up, he removed all doubt:  "It's a perfect day for piping!"

So I got out of my car, made sure the door was locked, and went to the rear door to get out my pipes. It was also locked, as were the other two doors on the passenger side. Of course, my keys were inside the car.


I used to have a magnetic key holder inside the right front wheel well.  I felt around for it until my hand was good and black, then gave it up.

I was locked out.

My husband was on his bicycle, about 10 miles away.  When I called him, he said he would bike up the mountain to save me, but he didn't sound very happy about it.

I frantically tried all the doors again, and . . . .. WHAT?!?  The driver's door opened!  I swear it was locked before.  I had carefully locked it!  But it opened right up!

I told my Knight on his White Horse Bicycle that all was well, and to go on home.  At that point, Melinda came up to me and said, "I said a prayer asking that you would be able to get into your car."

I suppose if God can divide the Red Sea, he can open a little Hyundai lock if he wants to.  I am very grateful for that miracle! And for Melinda, who thought to ask for it.

There are no coincidences

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