Friday, June 4, 2010

Laid-Back Lesson

We never got around to piping at the group lesson last night. Which is OK by me, as my lip is still sore from Memorial Day weekend.

We started out working on the new 2/4, The Royal Scots, on chanters. Then we moved to Josh's Monstrosity. Then Jason replaced tape on everybody's chanters, during which time we started talking about the Games coming up, and Being Pipe Major and How Things Have Changed since Jason first took office. He told us the story about how tough it was for him at first, not only being a new pipe major, but having to take everybody to Canada to the Calgary(?) Games, and then 2 days before they departed, his wife left him. Funny stories about the Scotland trip and Canada and the Sheepdog Trials followed. A lot of good-natured heckling went on, with Lee bearing the brunt of most of it, John saying nothing at all but laughing along with the rest. Before we knew it, the hour was up.

This lesson had a very light-hearted feel to it, as opposed to a previous lesson where all we did was argue . . . and even fight. I hate fighting. John seems to be able to cause turmoil with the slightest word. He has that gift, I guess. I wonder if he has Asberger's Syndrome, because he doesn't seem to be able to read people's tones of voices and posture--to know when to back down. Or it could be that he's not out of high school yet, and hasn't Figured It All Out. His not talking last night contributed a lot toward the lighthearted tone. As did his talking on the Fighting night.

We were advised not to practice too much between now and the Games, so as not to wear ourselves and our reeds out. If we don't know our solos by now . . . it ain't gonna happen.

Well, folks, it'll be an experience and probably nothing else.

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