Friday, May 28, 2010

No New Reed

I did not get that promised new reed. Instead, surgery was performed on the old reed, which involved cutting about 1/8" off the corners, making it harder to play. It IS harder to play and doesn't squeak AS MUCH. I will have to play around with it, and continue to work on blowing less strongly.

I don't remember much else from the lesson because I was Exhausted and didn't take in much.

I do remember somebody bringing up the subject of Chia pets. I don't know if you recall these. They were (or are) little greenware ceramic pots in the shape of animals or people that have seeds embedded in them. When you water them faithfully, they sprout, giving the animal a green wooly coat, or the person a green afro. I suddenly imagined a Chia pot in the shape of Jason's (who is bald) head, which lead to a mental image of Our Pipe Major with a head of bushy green leaves. I don't think anybody else made the mental image jump, because I laughed hysterically all by myself. Perhaps they were just polite. Karen would have gotten it.

I received 4 or 5 "Are you losing it?" looks. I apologized, using my extreme fatigue as my excuse.

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Karen said...

hahahaha!! yes, I would have laughed with you! :) I miss practice Thursday nights!