Monday, March 8, 2010

Anticipating St. Paddy's Day

The band usually schedules gigs at bars, etc, during the afternoon and evening of St. Paddy's Day. The first year I was actually in the band, I showed up late for the 2nd gig and had to get tuned up while everybody else was already playing, for which I got scolded. Since then I haven't played the gigs.

This year I'm working early enough that I could possibly do them. I traded hours and got some PTO so as not to kill myself. When I suggested to the PM that I could help out at the gigs, he said, "Thanks. That'd be great." So I get to do gigs. I'll be working in my kilt so I can jump in the car after work (I am now getting off at 1030, tune up at the Celtic Center at 1100) and drive over there.

It's not exactly like being invited to play. But it's not a polite decline, either. It was an enthusiastic thanks. That's very uplifting.

Concert this Saturday. I should practice. A little every day.

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