Monday, June 8, 2009


I survived.

Yesterday was my fiftieth birthday (aaaaaauuugh!) and I'm still alive and pretty much the same as I was on 6/6/09.

Although I didn't think I would survive the Relief Society sing-along, led by the RS president, featuring Happy Birthday To Ròs, followed by How Old Are You Now. I was hoping to get away with being invisible. No such luck.

I hope the president realizes she/we will have to sing to EVERYBODY now. Serves her right.

Second Daughter made marinaded chicken and spinach-and-strawberry salad and mashed potatoes and invited some of my friends over for linner. Brother-in-law George and neice Nora also came out from South Carolina, and conversation was entertaining and funny. I'm always afraid there will be long, awkward pauses, but everybody was willing to contribute funny or poignant stories and/or listen to funny or poignant stories. So the afternoon passed enjoyably, with the highlight being chocolate cheesecake that did NOT set off the smoke alarm.

Small Son took me to Tracy Aviary on Saturday as a present. HH got me a pair of gardening gloves several weeks ago AND showed up early from his camping trip to be present for the party, and Second Daughter did the party for me. First Daughter sent her birthday wishes from Korea. South Korea. Third Daughter was sick. I finished Small Son's kilt on Saturday night while I was still young. Hah. This was all good.

The bad part was that I did not get a chance to practice, not even the 5 minutes required by Jason. Not even my competition march. Saturday was the same. Too much company. Now the timer says only 4 days until I have to actually play the march . . .

I hate that timer. It makes me scared. I'm trying to quell the fear. Think I'll go read my Mind Gym book . . .

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