Friday, December 12, 2008

Working Out The Bugs

Did you know the Salt Lake Scots has a new website up? There's a link to it over <---------here. Supposedly there's a /community part of it where we can do email and pics and piping blogs (what a NOVEL idea!), but so far I haven't gotten any response to my registration. If it's Ian handling those, I may have quite a wait. It'll have to be a pretty good blog to get me to switch from this one.

Next year, I'm going to nominate Ian for several awards: 1) for being late to EVERYTHING, 2) for taking more than too much time to make his announcements, and 3) for not getting done the things that he says he will by the time he says he'll get them done. Oh, and 4) for overscheduling himself, and causing #1 and #3.

Last night we worked on the Traditional strathspey (author: Anonymous), not to be confused with "Traditional" (author: Unknown) and also worked on Brogues on the Cobbles and That Darned Jig: Glasgow City Police Pipe Band. Jason was pleased that we noticed our problems ourselves, and worked to correct them immediately. He said it was a pleasure to pipe with this class.

It's nice not to be a burden.


Granpiper said...

Is Traditional Strathspey going to be part of our band repetoir? If so, do you have the sheet music to Traditional Strathspey? Since I'm not paying the $$$ for lessons I kinda feel out of the loop.

Scar said...

Next on the agenda is learning the GrIII timed medley, which includes (but not in this order) Farewell to Camraw, Traditional (Strasthspey), Cullen Bay, Sleepy Maggie, Josh's Monstrosity and two others that I can't remember. I'll look them up after work and let you know which ones they are, and hopefully the order, too. As I recall, I only had 2 to learn, Sleepy Maggie being one.

Don't feel bad about being "out of the loop". Only 4 people from GrIV take the group lesson; the other 4 GrIV also don't know what goes on in the group lesson until Sean decides to do it, too.